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Mises Circle in Manhattan (Sponsored by The Story Garschina Charitable Fund, and Anonymous Donor)

This form registers you for the Mises Circle in Manhattan, September 14, 2012.  The registration fee is $110 per Mises Institute Member and includes sessions, continental breakfast, refreshment breaks, and lunch.  Your additional donation of any amount to enable students to attend on scholarship is greatly appreciated!

If you are a student applying for a scholarship to attend this conference, go to the end of the webpage for this event and complete the student application instead of using this form.

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Membership Donation

Your tax-deductible annual donation of $50 for Mises Institute Membership entitles you to discounts on selected conferences and books, plus a monthy newsletter.

VIP Table for Ten
Reserved VIP table for ten, near podium. Sessions, continental breakfast, refreshment breaks, lunch, complimentary book. Event speaker seated at your table upon request.
$175 per person non-Member registration (or make a donation of $50 to become a Member or renew in order to register at $110 rate)
Student Scholarship
Donate to sponsor a student for this event
Current Members

$110 per person current Members includes seminar, continental breakfast, lunch, and refreshment breaks.


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Dietary restrictions.

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