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Joseph Stiglitz: Stupid or Sinister?

Ryan McMaken Tho Bishop

On this episode of Radio Rothbard, Ryan McMaken and Tho Bishop discuss the media campaign around Joseph Stiglitz’s new book, The Road to Freedom, which coincides with the birthday of one of his favorite targets: F.A. Hayek. Is Stiglitz, a past champion of Hugo Chavez, someone we should trust with his vision of true freedom?

Discussed on the Show 

“Clinton Adviser, Nobel Prize Winning Economist Endorsed Venezuelan Socialism” by Tho Bishop:

“Sorry, Stiglitz: It’s Socialism That’s Rigged — not Capitalism” by William L. Anderson:

“Freedom for the Wolves” by Joseph E. Stiglitz:

“Neoliberal economics: The road to freedom or authoritarianism?” by Greg Rosalsky:

“Joseph Stiglitz and the Meaning of Freedom” by John Cassidy:

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