Individual Lectures

The Current State of World Affairs

Individual Lectures
Murray N. Rothbard

We are living through a revolutionary moment, seeing the collapse of socialism at the end of the Twentieth Century.  Socialism lost its moral legitimacy. The force of modern technology required markets.

The movement from communism to freedom started in Yugoslavia. Former Soviet areas like Estonia are now free market. People in Poland are reading Mises and Rothbard. How can there be any support for a cold war any longer?  The communist leadership is quitting. There are no instructions about how to give up power.

Bipartisan commissions just mean your wallet will be picked from both sides. Keynesians are still in power, dreaming of a one world central bank giving us one world inflation.

Rothbard’s favorite president was Martin Van Buren who was pretty good even when he was in power (1837-1841). But no one after that.

Recorded at the 1989 Texas State Libertarian Conference. Includes a Question and Answer session following the lecture.