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Dr. Paul is right! People need to look at the money issue. Wars, spending, debt accumulation, subsidies, and foreign aid are intimately linked to the money machine known as the Federal Reserve.

Central banks have two main purposes: inflate the money supply and bail out the big financial firms. By inflating the money supply, governments can finance their operations cheaply and surreptitiously at our expense. If we wish to expose the state and all its evils, we must point to the source, the Federal Reserve.

This is why we are making our new Federal Reserve documentary. The Fed has created its own narrative for far too long. Now we’re telling people the truth.

Production is going great. Our first interview was with the great Ron Paul in Texas. Next week, the crew is off to New York City to film Jim Grant.

We’re thrilled to share this teaser with you at last. Show it to your friends and family to spread the word about this important project!

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