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Why Taiwan Hasn't Shut Down Its Economy

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04/17/2020Javier Caramés SanchezWilliam Hongsong Wang

Taiwan's response to COVID-19 mostly means self-imposed quarantines and more transparency. It's basically the opposite of what Europe is doing.

Narrated by Millian Quinteros.

Original Article: "Why Taiwan Hasn't Shut Down Its Economy"

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Javier Caramés Sanchez

Javier Caramés Sanchez is a PhD candidate in Chinese Literature at the National Taiwan University and a Spanish language teacher who lived in Taiwan for more than seven years. He received one master’s degree in Classical Philology at Salamanca University, Spain, and another one in Chinese Literature at National Taiwan University. He also taught courses at Tamkang University and National Taiwan University in Taiwan and at IE University in Spain.

Contact William Hongsong Wang

William Wang is a PhD candidate in economics at the Complutense University of Madrid, Spain. He received his Master's degree in Austrian Economics at Rey Juan Carlos University in Madrid, Spain. He is a 2017 Mises University alumni.

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