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Randian Villains with Millennial Characteristics: FTX, Fraud, and the Fed

Radio Rothbard

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11/23/2022Ryan McMakenTho Bishop

On this episode of Radio Rothbard, Ryan McMaken and Tho Bishop look at conman Sam Bankman-Fried, the scam of FTX, and how regime legitimacy has fueled several fraudulent companies with unprofitable business practices.

Did post-2008 monetary policy fuel a bubble in "effective altruism?" Do examples like Elon Musk's restructuring of Twitter offer an illustration of what Big Tech firms will have to do to survive in a time of less-than-easy money, or will the regime bailout the corporate extensions of techno-managerialism? What killed Silicon Valley's once-promising techno-libertarian style? Ryan and Tho look at this and more on this episode of Radio Rothbard.

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Tho is an assistant editor for the Mises Wire, and can assist with questions from the press. Prior to working for the Mises Institute, he served as Deputy Communications Director for the House Financial Services Committee. His articles have been featured in The Federalist, the Daily Caller, and Business Insider.