Medical Freedom Summit 2023

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The New Abnormal: The Rise of the Biomedical Security State

Dr Aaron Kheriaty Mises Medical Freedom Summit 2023

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08/23/2023Aaron Kheriaty, MD

Recorded in Windham, New Hampshire, on August 20, 2023.

Special thanks to Joe and Tracy Matarese for making this event possible.

Note: The views expressed on are not necessarily those of the Mises Institute.

Aaron Kheriaty, MD

Aaron Kheriaty, M.D., a psychiatrist, is the director of the Program in Bioethics and American Democracy at the Ethics and Public Policy Center in Washington, D.C., and the director of the Health and Human Flourishing Program at the Zephyr Institute in Palo Alto, Calif. He formerly taught psychiatry at the UCI School of Medicine, was the director of the Medical Ethics Program at UCI Health, and was the chairman of the ethics committee at the California Department of State Hospitals. Dr. Kheriaty’s work has appeared in the Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Arc Digital, New Atlantis, Public Discourse, City Journal, and First Things.