Minor Issues

Minor Issues

Succinct economic commentary by Dr. Mark Thornton, senior fellow at the Mises Institute.

Inflation Can Get Much Worse

03/25/2023Mises Media

Mark looks at the impact of hyperinflation in Zimbabwe, where the government's monetary policy is manifesting itself in some interesting ways.

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Bank Failures: Runs and Funds

03/18/2023Mises Media

Mark explains why SVB Bank and Signature Bank failed, and why it was bound to happen. 

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Toilet Paper

03/11/2023Mises Media

Mark Thornton on why to expect cheaper and more plentiful TP.

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The Fed's "Disinflation" Story Just Flew Out the Window

03/04/2023Mises Media

People are making painful adjustments. What will the Fed do?

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Business Cycle Intel Report

02/25/2023Mises Media

Mark uses Intel Corporation as a barometer of the business cycle.

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The Fed's 2% Inflation Target

02/18/2023Mises Media

As Mark explains, the target is another smokescreen.

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Confusing Economic Reports?

02/15/2023Mises Media

Mark discusses the latest government economic reports. What can be made of these confusing numbers?

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The Paper Numbers Since The Great Recession

02/13/2023Mises Media

Mark Thornton takes a look back at US stock markets, the national debt, and Fed policy.

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The Super Bowl Indicator

02/11/2023Mises Media

Mark discusses the accuracy of the Super Bowl Stock Market Indicator.

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Record Low Unemployment Indicates Trouble Ahead

02/06/2023Mises Media

Mark Thornton discusses the history of record low unemployment rates and the business cycle.

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