Historical Controversies

Historical Controversies, Season 3

In Historical Controversies, Mises Institute scholar Chris Calton debunks the history you may have learned in school. Armed with facts, theory, and a Rothbardian appreciation for historical narrative, Calton enlightens and entertains in a podcast that has something to offer all audiences.

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See also Chris Calton's Bibliographic Essays (PDF): Season 1, History of the War on Drugs (Mises.org/EC1Bib) and Season 2: Antebellum United States (Mises.org/EC2Bib).

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The Attack on Marijuana During the 1930s

Tags HealthU.S. HistoryInterventionism
08/16/2017Mises Media

How did Americans fall for the government's reefer madness? Listen as Chris Calton explains.

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The Roots of Drug Prohibition in America

08/09/2017Mises Media

Chris Calton discusses America's early perception of drug use, and the origins of prohibition.

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