Economics in One Lesson (Houston 2011)

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AUDIO: Why Should We Care About Economic Theory?

Austrian Economics Overview

10/12/2018Mises Media
Whether they know it or not, economic theory has a major influence on the political views of countless people today. It's not something we can pretend is just for economics eggheads.
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Ben Bernanke: Loose Talk and Loose Money

Booms and BustsThe FedMoney and Banks

01/24/2011Mises Media
The Federal Reserve Chairman, Bernanke, calls a fall in purchasing power of the dollar by over 95% stable . Interest rates have been pushed to zero. Continual inflation is deliberate and designed. Bernanke pretends he knows what he is doing.
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Applying Economics to American History

U.S. HistoryAustrian Economics Overview

01/24/2011Mises Media
You must know basic economics in order to understand historic events. Human Action is the basic book. Economic laws determine the way people cooperate by exchanging property rights, by dividing their labor, and by subjectively calculating prices.
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