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Austrian Capital Theory

Capital and Interest Theory

07/19/2021Mises Media
Presented at Mises University 2021.
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An "Open Mind" Is of No Use When It's Open to Lies


07/15/2021Mises Media
Countless Americans have been repeatedly told to “follow the science,” supposedly to prove they are not obstinately closed-minded. But the main purpose of it all was just to open people’s minds to what government bureaucrats wanted.
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Andrew Frazier on Running Your Business

The EntrepreneurEntrepreneurship

06/15/2021Mises Media
Business advisor Andrew Frazier helped us focus on means in this week’s Economics For Business podcast.
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America Still Loves the Warfare State

War and Foreign Policy

06/08/2021Mises Media
The difficulty Trump encountered in trying to even slightly scale back American military schemes shows just how far Americans are from abandoning the idea that the United States is the indispensable nation entitled to fight wars always and everywhere.
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America's Corporate Thought Police


05/25/2021Mises Media
It is no surprise that the corporate media tends to showcase and honor experts whose views tend to reflect the views of media pundits and editors themselves. The idea that the public might prefer other experts leaves these pundits in dismay.
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Alan Payne on a Fascinating History of Competing Business Models

The EntrepreneurEntrepreneurship

05/04/2021Mises Media
Hunter Hastings and Alan Payne discuss the technique of entrepreneurial business history.
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A Rights- and Logic-Based Approach to Pandemics

Property Rights

05/03/2021Mises Media
We all are too familiar with the approach to pandemics taken by governments at all levels in the US.
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