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Adrian Lee Oliver on Police Abuse and the Pros & Cons of BLM

Media and Culture

Adrian Lee Oliver tells Bob his personal story of police brutality along with his critique of today's "anti-racism" campaign.
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American Police Forces Were Created to Fight Rioters. But Police Probably Made Things Worse.

The Police StateU.S. History

Contrary to the popular narrative that government police establish law and order, there is good reason to believe that the advent of militarized police in the 1800s led to an escalation of riots and political corruption while offering little law or order.
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Avik Roy: The FREOPP plan for reopening schools


FREOPP, a non-partisan think tank founded by Avik Roy recently released a plan for reopening schools. We discuss some of the data from around the globe, as well as practical considerations related to opening schools.
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Americans Are Buying Guns in Record Numbers. The Washington Post Isn't Pleased.

Media and CultureThe Police State

Americans have been buying lots of guns out of fear of crime and unrest this year. This suggests that the crime-guns causality is the opposite of what gun controllers say. Rather than saying "guns cause crime," we should be saying "crime causes guns."
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All You Need to Know about Alexis de Tocqueville

World History

It doesn't take an immense amount of insight to see the relevance of Tocqueville's central concern to our situation today. What are the so-called Twitter mobs if not the "tyranny of the majority" at work?
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