Economy, Society, and History

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6. The Production of Law and Order: Natural Order, Feudalism, and Federalism

  • Economy Society and History

Tags Legal SystemPolitical Theory

09/06/2004Hans-Hermann Hoppe

Correlations between IQ and GDP of countries exist. Without the state, what natural order evolves? Details of the theory of private property are given as the means for society to survive. People own themselves and have never doubted that the instruments that they produce are theirs as well. This extended visibly to certain land territories.

Natural order defends these basic property principles. Locations were selected by defensibility. Leaders of small communities were able to act as courts by shunning wrong-doers and directing compensation to the victim. Law was discovered, not created. Taxes in the modern sense did not exist. The king, lords and nobles established protection villages against invaders.

Independent arbitration agencies would create in the process of competition valid unified law structures. Economic and social integration was completed in this natural order.

Lecture 6 of 10 from Hans-Hermann Hoppe's Economy, Society, and History.


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