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Wilson, Waldo, Woke CEOs, and Ways Forward

Paul Cwik AERC 2022

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03/22/2022Paul F. Cwik

Recorded at the 2022 Austrian Economics Research Conference hosted at the Mises Institute in Auburn, Alabama, March 18–19, 2022.

The Murray N. Rothbard Memorial Lecture, sponsored by Steven and Cassandra Torello. Includes audience question and answer period. 

The Austrian Economics Research Conference is the international, interdisciplinary meeting of the Austrian School, bringing together leading scholars doing research in this vibrant and influential intellectual tradition. The conference is hosted by the Mises Institute at its campus in Auburn, Alabama, and is directed by Joseph Salerno, professor of economics at Pace University and academic vice president of the Mises Institute.

Note: The views expressed on are not necessarily those of the Mises Institute.

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Paul Cwik is Professor of Economics and Finance at the University of Mount Olive and Teaching Professor of the BB&T courses in Free Market Economics at North Carolina State University.