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The Inca Empire: An Indigenous Leviathan State

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12/08/2021Daniella Bassi

So oppressive was the Inca regime that it's no wonder the Spaniards found many enemies willing to help topple the empire.

Original Article: "The Inca Empire: An Indigenous Leviathan State"

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Daniella Bassi is publications editor at the Mises Institute. She edits the Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics, the Journal of Libertarian Studies, and The Austrian, as well as other institute publications. She holds master's degrees in early American history from the University of Vermont and the College of William and Mary and an undergraduate degree in English from Amherst College. She is a strict Rothbardian, and her writings focus on American Indian history and property rights from that perspective.

Original Article: 
The Inca Empire: An Indigenous Leviathan State