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Gold Could Offer a Way Out of Switzerland's Failing Inflationist Experiment

Central BanksWorld HistoryMoney and Banking

02/09/2021Mises Media
The Swiss state should end antigold regulations, end negative interest rates, and return to zero rates on bank reserves. These are small steps on their own, perhaps, but would be progress away from the brewing mess that is the eurozone.
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Guido Hülsmann on The Ethics of Money Production

BitcoinBook ReviewsInflationMoney and BanksMonetary TheoryMoney Supply

01/15/2021Mises Media
There is no better work to explain the broader implications of central banking which go almost totally unremarked in the financial press than The Ethics of Money Production .
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Greece Is Setting Itself Up for Another Financial Crisis

12/11/2020Mises Media
The center-right government that came into power in July of 2019 has failed to liberalize the economy and make market-oriented reforms, with the pandemic making things even worse.
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Gad Saad on Mind Viruses, and the Evolutionary Explanation for SJWs

12/08/2020Mises Media
Gad Saad is Professor of Marketing and holds the Concordia University Research Chair in Evolutionary Behavioral Sciences and Darwinian Consumption. He talks with Bob about his new book, The Parasitic Mind, and its relationship to the culture wars.
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Giving Thanks to Society’s Economic Benefactors


11/25/2020Mises Media
As Thanksgiving approaches, we should be thankful to society’s economic benefactors rather than condemning them because of the wrongheaded ideology of egalitarianism.
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Global Health Bureaucrats Want Even More Power to Impose Their Plans across National Borders

Big GovernmentBureaucracy and Regulation

10/24/2020Mises Media
Global health bureaucrats would have a much easier time if they could force "renegade" countries like Sweden into line with the power to force a uniform health policy on everyone.
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George Selgin Critiques MMT and Debates Murphy on Free Banking

BitcoinMonetary PolicyMoney and Banking

09/28/2020Mises Media
Monetary economist George Selgin agrees with Bob on the flaws with MMT, but then the two continue their debate (started at the Soho Forum) on fractional reserve free banking.
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Growth and Income Inequality in Africa

Cronyism and CorporatismPoverty

08/25/2020Mises Media
There are two kinds of inequality. One develops as societies innovate and become more productive. The other kind results from government corruption and intervention.
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Gold Prices Show There's a "Big Short" Going on in Official Currencies

Financial Markets

08/22/2020Mises Media
A rising price of gold and silver in US dollars, euros, Chinese renminbi, Japanese yen, etc. means this: the higher the price of this precious metal, the lower the exchange value of official currencies.
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Gabriela Gomes: Why Herd Immunity May Be at Hand


08/21/2020Mises Media
Dr. Gabriela Gomes joins the show to discuss how herd immunity thresholds are estimated, and why she thinks classic models are flawed and must incorporate a measure of variation in individual susceptibility.
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