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From the Invisible Hand to the Invisible Sleight-of-Hand

KeynesMedia and CultureMonetary PolicyU.S. Economy

11/30/2023Mises Media
Advocates of unbacked paper money claim that theirs is the “civilized” choice, as opposed to gold, or what Keynes called “that barbarous relic.” These inflationists, however, are the ones wrecking civilization as we have known it.
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Federal Flood Insurance Drains Taxpayers

Bureaucracy and RegulationCronyism and CorporatismEconomic PolicyTaxes and Spending

11/13/2023Mises Media
Federal flood insurance was created ostensibly to provide insurance to people who live in flood-prone areas. Not surprisingly, it subsidizes bad home-building decisions and wastes billions of dollars.
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Fighting the Surveillance State Begins with the Individual

Big GovernmentPoliticsThe Police State

11/07/2023Mises Media
Fed up with the state's surveillance regime? There are ways to use available technology to frustrate government efforts to spy on you.
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Fed Forecasts: Financial Sport or Costly Distraction?

Booms and BustsThe FedInflationU.S. Economy

10/22/2023Mises Media
Forget Vegas sports betting for reckless speculation. When the Fed officials make projections, the markets assume they are accurate. However, as Jerome Powell himself admits, forecasts are speculative at best.
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Forced Isolation of Patients in the ICU Is Barbaric and Counterproductive

Bureaucracy and RegulationHealthMedia and CultureThe Police State

10/04/2023Mises Media
When covid restrictions were at their tightest, many people died alone in ICUs, as friends and family were kept away in the name of "public health." A more accurate assessment of the policy is to call it barbaric.
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Family Flourishing and State Denigration

Big GovernmentInflationPaternalismProgressivism

09/08/2023Mises Media
As family life descends into crisis in the USA, many conservatives call for state intervention to "fix" things. It's state intervention that created the problems in the first place.
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France's Unrest Has Deep Roots. Proposed Immigration Restrictions Will Make Things Worse

Bureaucracy and RegulationImmigrationMedia and Culture

09/04/2023Mises Media
The rioting in France is not due to racism nor is it the logical end of immigration. Instead, it is rooted in France's minimum wage and other labor restrictions that lead to unemployment and resentment.
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Flying into Foolishness: The DOJ "Saves" Consumers from Low-Cost Airlines

Bureaucracy and RegulationEconomic PolicyLegal System

08/30/2023Mises Media
The DOJ claims that it has "protected" consumers by standing in the way of a partnership between JetBlue and American Airlines. The only thing the DOJ protected was higher-cost flying.
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FedNow Isn't a CBDC, but It Is Dangerous

The FedMoney and BanksU.S. EconomyMoney and Banking

08/17/2023Mises Media
While FedNow seems benign, there is the larger problem of the entire banking system itself being built on a foundation of sand. FedNow can only make that problem worse.
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