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Dr. Philipp Bagus on the Political Economy of Mass Hysteria

Big GovernmentBureaucracy and RegulationHealthPolitical Theory

02/26/2021Mises Media
Echoing Hoppe and public choice theory, Professor Philipp Bagus explains how politicians enjoy asymmetric rewards for exaggerating risks and creating fear. The result is gross policy errors we will all pay for over many decades. Don't miss this show!
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Dr. Patrick Newman on Cronyism in America

Cronyism and CorporatismU.S. History

02/12/2021Mises Media
You will never see the American colonies, revolution, Constitution, or great men like Hamilton, Madison, and Jefferson the same way after reading this book. Dr. Patrick Newman joins Jeff Deist for a preview.
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Digital Currencies Are Changing the Money Landscape

Money and Banks

02/04/2021Mises Media
From the dollar to bitcoin to Facebook's Diem, private monies and quasi monies are making the monetary landscape a lot more complicated.
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Democrats Are Poised for a Federal Takeover of Elections in America

Political Theory

02/03/2021Mises Media
In the United States, one can't so much as drive down the street or purchase cough syrup without government-issued identification. Yet federal courts consider it beyond the pale that voters confirm they are who they say they are.
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Don't Worry, "the Economists" Have Everything under Control

U.S. Economy

01/30/2021Mises Media
At Tuesday’s Senate confirmation hearing, former Fed chair and President Biden’s pick as US Treasury secretary Janet Yellen claimed to have an appreciation for the nation’s debt burden, then proceeded to show she clearly doesn’t.
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Dale Caldwell: Entrepreneur Zones Will Drive Accelerated Growth For Cities

The EntrepreneurEntrepreneurship

01/26/2021Mises Media
Can entrepreneurship be a collaborative undertaking across multiple firms? Hunter Hastings and Dale Caldwell discuss "Entrepreneur Zones."
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David Andolfatto Defends the Fed

Central BanksThe Fed

01/17/2021Mises Media
Ron Paul used the fall in purchasing power since the founding of the Fed to argue that the central bank had hurt regular Americans. Fed economist David Andolfatto disagrees, but Bob pushes back.
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Double Standards, Reparations, and War Crimes

Book ReviewsLawWorld History

01/09/2021Mises Media
The Nuremberg prosecutors wanted to indict the Nazis on trial for crimes, but at the same time they wanted to preserve the dogma that the modern European nation-state is the culmination of moral progress. This created a conundrum.
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Debating Socialism: The Seligman-Nearing Debate at 100


01/04/2021Mises Media
In January 1921, thirty-five hundred people packed the Lexington Theater in midtown Manhattan to hear a debate of socialism. Ludwig von Mises in Vienna later called the debate "instructive."
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Dan McCarthy Trusts the People More Than the Elites

DemocracyOther Schools of Thought

12/04/2020Mises Media
Dan McCarthy, Editor at Large of The American Conservative, joins Bob to discuss his view that conservatives and libertarians should stop heaping contempt on democracy. McCarthy argues that the elites are the real threat to liberty, not the masses.
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