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The Great Reset, Part V: Woke Ideology

PhilosophyPlanningPolitical Theory

03/03/2021Mises Media
How would a reset of the mass mind come to pass that would allow for the many elements of the Great Reset to be put into place—without mass rebellion, that is? This is the function of ideology.
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The Dangers Lurking behind a Digital Euro

Money and Banking

03/03/2021Mises Media
As soon as cash has been pushed back or stripped away entirely, monetary policymakers can implement an uninhibited negative interest rate policy to devalue debt. Customers can no longer get out of the “bank balance sheet”; the final escape door is then locked.
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The Omnipotent Power to Assassinate

War and Foreign Policy

02/26/2021Mises Media
How did the federal government acquire this omnipotent power? Certainly not by constitutional amendment. It acquired it by converting the federal government after World War II from a limited-government republic to a national security state.
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The Biggest Lies of the Impeachment Saga

Legal SystemU.S. History

02/25/2021Mises Media
The latest impeachment saga simply confirms Thomas Paine’s adage: “The trade of governing has always been monopolized by the most ignorant and the most rascally individuals of mankind.” Score another victory for the Swamp.
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The High Cost of Using the Minimum Wage as a Form of Welfare

Labor and WagesTaxes and SpendingU.S. Economy

02/23/2021Mises Media
Social activists now regard the minimum wage as another welfare program that can reduce the costs of programs like Medicaid and food stamps, and can reduce inequality. But the minimum wage is very poorly targeted for these purposes.
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The Problem with the "Robber Baron" Narrative

U.S. HistoryMonopoly and Competition

02/22/2021Mises Media
We're now hearing many calls for more antitrust legislation applied to Big Tech because these firms are allegedly monopolies. But old-fashioned antitrust was a disaster, as will be new efforts against tech companies.
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The Fight over Economics Is a Fight over Culture

ProgressivismU.S. History

02/19/2021Mises Media
Explaining good economic theory is about explaining how the other side is ripping you off.
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The NBA's National Anthem Mandate: Another Political Ploy from Pro Sports

Media and Culture

02/16/2021Mises Media
The controversy over Mark Cuban and the national anthem reminds us the NBA and the NFL have spent the last few decades relying on the national anthem as a cynical ploy. Employing "antiracism" and BLM politics was just the natural next step.
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The Burmese Mess Demonstrates the Incoherence of America's Crusades for Democracy

DemocracyWar and Foreign Policy

02/11/2021Mises Media
The Biden administration has threatened to intervene in Burma to defend "democracy" which really just means putting back into power a woman who is known to support ethnic cleansing. But she said nice things about "democracy," so she'll get the US's nod.
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The Trump Political Show Trial

Political Theory

02/10/2021Mises Media
Trump would do well to ignore the Senate proceedings. There is no reason to participate in a show trial.
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