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Monetary Policy Is in Turmoil

Money and Banks


From the point of view of present-day standard macroeconomics, monetary history is a succession of technical changes to facilitate an increasingly large inflation of the money supply.

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Mexico Flirts with Nationalizing Its Electricity Sector

U.S. History


Mexico is not hindered by capitalism run amok, but by state actors, whether they be ignorant or malicious. The state will not save the Mexican economy. Real market freedom will.

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Military Conscription Is a Tool for Centralization, State Building, and Despotism

U.S. History


Support for federal conscription is contrary to principles of decentralization or a "limited republic." Early Americans would have viewed this Jacobin-inspired scheme with dismay and fear. 

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Marxism versus Libertarianism: Two Types of Internationalism


Internationalism in the interpretation of libertarian philosophy and Marxist doctrine are two completely different concepts. One is a natural outcome of human cooperation. The other is pure myth. 

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Monetary Policy and the Present Trend toward Central Planning

Money and Banks


There is need to realize that the economic policies of self-styled progressives cannot do without inflation. They cannot and never will accept a policy of sound money.

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Money Supply Growth in August Slows Again, Returning to "Normal" Levels

Money Supply


During August 2021, year-over-year (YOY) growth in the money supply was at 8.2 percent. That's down from July's rate of 8.9 percent, and down from the August 2020 rate of 37.5 percent. 

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Monetary Competition: The Best Alternative to Razing Central Banks to the Ground

Central BanksMoney and Banking


"My preference would be that all state central banks would be shut down and razed to the ground, so that true money again could be produced by private firms. If not, at least the competition between national currencies should be as great as possible." –Murray Rothbard, 1993

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My Time with the FBI

The Police StateU.S. History


The FBI’s power and federal legitimacy are far more tenuous than Washington recognizes. Beyond the nation’s big cities, federal authority hinges largely on the consent of local citizens.

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