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The American Rescue Plan: Limits of the Highly Visible

Booms and BustsCronyism and CorporatismEconomic Policy


In the long run, economic stimulus creates no shortage of losers. The state’s objective is always to extract as many eggs from the golden goose as possible, only now it's not important to keep the goose alive.

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Why Is Economic Journalism So Bad?

Economic PolicyFinancial MarketsU.S. EconomyMonetary TheoryMoney and Banking


The financial press gives us the what, when we need the how and why. Economic journalism needs a reset.

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Economics in One Lesson Is Still the Best Layman's Intro to Economics

Economic Policy


Hazlitt takes on a humble objective: to deliver an “unblushingly ‘classical,’ ‘traditional,’ and ‘orthodox’” synthesis of economics. This is the most fitting way to approach the layman, who will only retain a few lessons from an introductory book. 

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Deflation Doesn't Undo the Problems Caused by Past Inflation

Economic PolicyInflationPlanning


A deflationary policy is just another type of intervention and in this sense it sets in motion a different form of the misallocation of resources.

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There Is No Chinese Economic Miracle

Economic PolicySocialism


In most economies, inventories are valued at market prices, while in China they are valued by the authorities and adjusted later. This is just one of many ways China manipulates GDP data.

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Review: Classical Economic Theory and the Modern Economy

Book ReviewsEconomic PolicyKeynes

08/28/2021Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics
Steven Kates's new book debunks Keynesian demand-side economics, while striving to resurrect Say’s Law and revive the classical understanding of the economy.
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Old and New Development Economics: A Reassessment of Objectives

Economic FreedomEconomic PolicyAustrian Economics Overview

08/10/2021Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics
The behavioral economics-based "new development economics" is just like the old development economics, say Espinosa and Carreiro. The Austrian theory of dynamic efficiency offers a useful path forward.
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Prohibition and Legalization: The Way Forward

Economic Policy

07/20/2021Mises Media
Presented at Mises University 2021.
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Thanks to Federal Megaspending, the Trade Deficit Has Only Gotten Worse

Economic Policy

07/09/2021Mises Media
The chronic US trade deficit is a direct result of the dollar’s status as the world’s main reserve currency and unabated monetary increases in government spending. More tariffs won't change that.
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Why Producer Prices (Like Lumber Prices) Are Rising Faster Than the CPI

Economic Policy

07/08/2021Mises Media
Why have prices of building materials soared while consumer prices are relatively stable? This is easier to understand once we reject the myth of monetary neutrality and see how price inflation enters the market in different ways.
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