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Joshua Mawhorter has been a junior high and high school teacher for the past five years in the subjects of government/economics and US history. Josh has a bachelor’s degree in political science from California State University, Bakersfield (CSUB) and a master’s in political science from Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU). He publishes content on his YouTube channel Political Factions and is working on a Mawhorter Finance channel. He also teaches regularly at his local church in the areas of theology, the Old Testament, church history, apologetics, and philosophy. He can be contacted at

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The Statist "Solution" Really Is a Non Sequitur

AntipoliticsBureaucracy and RegulationFree MarketsLibertarianism


All too often, people accept the state-sponsored "solution" to a perceived problem as the logical choice. But this "solution" really is a non sequitur.

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A Useless Legal Standard: "I know it when I see it"

11/01/2021Power & Market
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1789: The First Thing the New American Government Did Was Raise Taxes


It turned out that taxation with representation could be just as oppressive as taxation without representation. Or worse.

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Why Fans of Censorship Are Obsessed with Stories about Yelling "Fire!" in a Theater


The fact that such a vacuous and irrelevant example became such a compelling argument for the government restriction of freedom of speech in many other areas is disturbing.

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