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When Money Dies

BooksJune 1, 1975
The Nightmare of Deficit Spending, Devaluation, and Hyperinflation in Weimar Germany. This was a time of bizarre parallels: amazing riches coinciding with terrible poverty, mass quantities of money coinciding with a shortage of money, mania and hysteria coinciding with mass depression, frenzied...

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Castles in the Air

BooksMarch 15, 1975
In Castles in the Air , Leonard Read addresses topics such as social order, the tendency for individuals to thrive and create in a free environment, entrepreneurship, and many others.

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Free Market Economics: A Syllabus

BooksJanuary 1, 1975
This is a complete economics education for high-school age students, providing lessons, study questions, activities, and readings for each topic under consideration.

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The Incredible Bread Machine

BooksOctober 20, 1974
When the State, tinder the pretext of caring for people, takes away from them the means by which they might care for themselves, does such legislation represent a step forward or a step back?

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A Rehabilitation of Say's Law

BooksJuly 20, 1974
The topic addressed here is Say's law: the view that macroeconomic activity tends toward stability...

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Having My Way

BooksApril 11, 1974
Who are we as individuals? Read pieces together what we have logically ascertained based on human experience and past wisdom regarding this question.

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Property in a Humane Economy

BooksJanuary 27, 1974
Dr. Harper's paper is devoted primarily to answering the question: Why is there so disappointing a neglect and disparagement of private property and ownership?...

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