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What Would Mises Think? Austria Is Applying (Some) Austrian Economics

Bureaucracy and RegulationWorld HistoryAustrian Economics OverviewPhilosophy and Methodology


While Austria is not the free-market republic Ludwig von Mises hoped it would be, the country has made many steps in the right direction, freeing markets and protecting private property.

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After Ukraine, Realpolitik Will Be the New Interventionist Status Quo

Big GovernmentU.S. HistoryWar and Foreign PolicyWorld History


Between war weariness and the inability of the US government to pay war bills, reality is going to come to the fore even if Washington doesn't like it.

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Overcoming Chinese Communist GDP Myths

Big GovernmentEconomic PolicySocialismWorld History


While China achieved strong economic growth in the post-Mao years by allowing free markets to work, the Communist leadership wants to return the economy to its old socialist ways. However, while the government can give fake growth numbers, it cannot reverse socialist failures.

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How Fossil Fuel Revolutionized Our Kitchens and Our Food

World History


Coal drove the development of a whole new way of cooking and a radically different diet. A menu based upon coal-fired food was the cuisine that accompanied industrialization. Food and fuel were intricately linked in a fossil fuel-burning age.

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Napoleon: Europe's First Egalitarian Despot

World History


For those who value self-determination, free markets, peace, and freedom, Napoleon provides little to be admired. He was a despot, a warmonger, a centralist, and a hypocrite who claimed to spread freedom to justify his own lust for conquest and power. 

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Sovereign Debt is Eating the World

Financial MarketsWorld HistoryMoney and Banking


Sovereign debt is eating the world. Lining up a financial crash that could make 2008 look like a picnic. How did we get here?

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These Four Things Are Keys To Building the Wealth of Nations

CapitalismEconomic FreedomGlobal EconomyWorld History


Humanity progressed very slowly from the fall of the Roman Empire to almost the nineteenth century. Then came the Industrial Revolution, which changed everything.

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The "Climate Emergency": Fueled by 21st Century Marxism

Big GovernmentThe EnvironmentMedia and CultureWorld History

The eternal “climate emergency” is upon us. While doomsday is said to be around the corner, the reality is that the only thing rising is the level of government control.

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Hostage Extraction Needs to be Privatized

War and Foreign PolicyWorld History


In the aftermath of Hamas's taking hostages in its conflict with Israel, the question arises: Who pays the ransom? State-financed payments lead to the worst outcomes and create moral hazards.

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Turkey Is Sustaining Major Inflation. Something Has to Give

Economic PolicyInflationMonetary PolicyWorld History


Inflation in Turkey today is officially running close to 70 percent, but the Turkish economy seems to be booming. Inflationary booms, however, cannot be sustained.

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