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The False Framing of Protectionism

Economic PolicyFree MarketsProtectionism and Free TradeU.S. Economy


Protectionists falsely claim that free trade provides only negative consequences to the economy while simultaneously claiming protectionism provides net benefits.

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Oil Export Bans Make for Crude Politics

Big GovernmentEconomic PolicyProtectionism and Free TradeU.S. Economy


In the wake of the Arab Oil Embargo of 50 years ago, Congress banned U.S. export sales of crude oil. The results were different than what government "experts" imagined.

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Strikes Always Have Economic Consequences and the Latest UAW Strike Is No Exception

Economic PolicyLabor and WagesSocialismU.S. Economy


The UAW's strike against US automakers will do long-term damage to the domestic auto industry. Unfortunately, unions and their advocates will learn nothing from this debacle.

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Striking Autoworkers Will Only Harm Their Own Livelihoods

The FedLabor and WagesMonetary PolicyU.S. Economy


Autoworkers are angry at their working situation and are striking for higher wages and a shorter work week. Their anger is misdirected.

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Should We Uncritically Support Organized Labor?

Labor and WagesSocialismStrategyU.S. Economy


Another Labor Day has passed with the same pro-union rhetoric dominating the media and politics. However, being pro-union is not the same as being pro-labor, especially given that unions often are the most anti-worker entities in our political economy.

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Hollywood Meets the Austrian Business Cycle

Booms and BustsMedia and CultureU.S. EconomyBusiness Cycles


Hollywood can create stories from thin air, but when the film industry creates malinvestments, there is a bust in the future.

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Why the Fed's Tight Rate Stance Damages the Economy

InflationMonetary PolicyU.S. EconomyGold Standard


In the wake of bad news on inflation, the Federal Reserve is pushing up interest rates. However, a Fed-induced higher rate is not the same as an interest rate decided by the market.

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Welcome to the Twenty-First Century American Bankruptcy Show

Booms and BustsCronyism and CorporatismThe FedU.S. Economy


As the US economy sours, look for a wave of new bankruptcies. The Fed cannot pull any rabbits out of its monetary hat this time.

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American Prosperity Is Greater than Most of Us Realize

Economic FreedomU.S. EconomyU.S. HistoryWorld History


Compared to how most other people in the world live, Americans have a high standard of living. And despite the talk about inequality, there is more economic and social mobility here than anyplace else.

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Consumer Credit Is Expanding Even While the Fed Pushes up Interest Rates

InflationMonetary PolicyTaxes and SpendingU.S. Economy


As the economy slowly deteriorates, consumer debt rises. In the meantime, the Fed is pushing up interest rates to deal with the inflation it caused. This does not end well.

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