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Break Up the USA

U.S. HistoryPolitical Theory

Everyone takes for granted that it’s normal for a country of 320 million to be dictated to by a single central authority. It's time to call it quits.

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What's In Store for the Next Four Years?

Legal System

34 min agoThe Austrian
Law scholar Allen Mendenhall discusses Trump, the Supreme Court, and the future of the judiciary in the United States.

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Why the "Experts" Can't Agree About Fed Rate Hikes

The FedMonetary Theory

8 hours agoFedWatch
When should the Fed raise rates? Mainstream economists rely on statistics, but reject the necessary theory by which to interpret.

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The Economic Evil of Eugenics


Blog14 hours ago
Central planning implies eugenics, and eugenics in turn is a kind of central planning.

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Our Huge Hidden Tax: Government Regulations

Taxes and SpendingU.S. HistoryPolitical Theory

Eliminating government regulations is as critical as tax relief in turning the US economy around.

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Nietzsche and the State

War and Foreign PolicyWorld HistoryPhilosophy and MethodologyPolitical Theory

Nietzsche thought that the state would probably be replaced by private protection agencies.

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