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The Epistemological Case for Capitalism

BiographiesHistory of the Austrian School of EconomicsPraxeology

07/09/2022Mises Daily Articles
In Human Action , Mises had shown that economic analysis leads directly to laissez faire conclusions. He demonstrated that government intervention entails consequences that are unwanted even from the point of view of the champions of these interventions.
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How Society Works: Plato's Contribution

History of the Austrian School of EconomicsPhilosophy and MethodologyProduction Theory

04/25/2022Mises Daily Articles
According to this theory, cooperation among any number of persons is more productive than the individual efforts of the same persons in isolation from one another.
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The Cultural and Spiritual Legacy of Fiat Inflation

EducationMedia and CultureWorld HistoryMonetary TheoryMoney and Banking

02/10/2022Mises Daily Articles
Inflation erodes morals in creeping, insidious ways. It replaces social bonds with government controls.
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Carl Menger: Pioneer of "Empirical Theory"

BiographiesAustrian Economics OverviewHistory of the Austrian School of Economics

02/05/2022Mises Daily Articles
Menger's was an analytical method that began with the smallest empirical phenomena and proceeded logically from there. He called this the "empirical method."
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Mises and the German Neo-liberals

World History


In the cold light of economic reasoning, we can see that the Marshall Plan was in essence a scheme for postponing the bankruptcy of socialism and the welfare state.

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