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Help Us Give Away 100,000 Copies of What Has Government Done to Our Money?

When Ron Paul arrived at the University of Michigan during his 2012 presidential campaign, students spontaneously began chanting “End the Fed!” It was clear to Ron that many students had already gotten the message that the Fed and its machinations are the enemy. Students often say one of the most influential books they have read is Murray Rothbard’s What Has Government Done to Our Money? First published in 1963, it has been influential for several generations now and has earned the honor of being a classic.

Several years ago, we printed 100,000 copies of Henry Hazlitt’s Economics in One Lesson, another influential classic. Our goal was to give away those copies to students, homeschoolers, teachers, businesspeople, church groups, book clubs, professionals, offices, libraries, classrooms, and any person or group seeking information. We reached our goal in one year.

We want to do the same with What Has Government Done to Our Money?

We believe that the time is ripe to deliver Rothbard’s message about the government’s destruction of our money through the Federal Reserve. Our new edition of this revolutionary classic includes a foreword by Patrick Newman, a preface by Guido Hülsmann, and an afterword by Joe Salerno. We’ve printed 100,000 copies to give away for free.
When Tucker Carlson interviewed Ron Paul recently, Tucker confessed that when he first heard Ron criticizing the Fed, he knew nothing at all about it despite being a journalist who was paid to know about such things. This knowledge transformed Tucker’s perspective. In the last few years, many other Americans have started to see the truth too, so putting this book in their hands at this moment will have a profound effect for the better. It will connect the dots, bringing the whole twisted fiat money system under the floodlight of public scrutiny. It is a true idea bomb.

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