Ryan McMaken on Privatized Approaches to Gun Violence

Legal SystemStrategy

6 min agoAudio/Video
Jeff Deist and Ryan McMaken apply market incentives to school security.

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Economists and the Emergence of Antitrust

Monopoly and Competition

Blog2 hours ago
Economists who believe that there was once a "golden age of antitrust" have never produced any evidence of such an age.

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This Bishop Hates Capitalism so Much, He's Praising the Anti-Christian Chinese Regime

SocialismWorld History

Blog4 hours ago
There is a long history of sympathetic Western intellectuals traveling to foreign socialist lands — deciding they've discovered paradise on earth.

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Mexican Gun Control Ensures Cartels Outgun the Good Guys

Legal SystemWorld History

Blog4 hours ago
It's a myth that most illegal guns in Mexico are from the United States. It's also hard to see how Mexican gun control has helped ordinary Mexicans.

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How Central Banks Stoke Stock Prices

Money and BanksMoney and Banking

Blog10 hours ago
There are two important ways through which the central bank and its effectively inflationary machinations influence stock prices.

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On Universities, Krugman, and the State of Austrian Economics

EducationU.S. EconomyAustrian Economics Overview

02/22/2018The Austrian
In his usual engaging way, Robert Murphy explains what's wrong with the economics profession — it might have something to do with Paul Krugman.

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Why Revisionist History Is Important

U.S. HistoryWorld HistoryPhilosophy and Methodology

In the general culture “revisionist historian” is a term of abuse. But that is what we do. Revising history is our job.

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Do Public Unions Make Police More Dangerous?

Legal SystemThe Police State

Research supports the idea that police unions contribute to greater amounts of officer misconduct.

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