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Lipton Matthews

Lipton Matthews is a researcher, business analyst, and contributor to Merion WestThe FederalistAmerican Thinker, Intellectual Takeout,, and Imaginative Conservative. Visit his YouTube channel, with numerous interviews with a variety of scholars, here. He may be contacted at or on Twitter (@matthewslipton).

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Global Governance versus Freedom and Free Enterprise

World History


Countries must remain free to refuse the edicts of global institutions of "government" like the World Bank or the IMF. This is true even when the stated goal is advancing free markets.

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The Problem with Guilds: They're Monopolistic and Wasteful

World History


The historical guilds of Europe have long been criticized for cartelizing trade and seizing monopolistic powers. And new research suggests the situation was very similar in Africa as well.

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Colonialism Isn't the Source of Latin America's High Inequality

World History


Latin America's antiglobalization epoch, from 1913 to 1970, was marked by high regulations and antitrade efforts that have fueled Latin America's economic problems.

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A Slave-Based Economy Is Nothing Like a Dynamic Capitalist One

World History

01/06/2022Mises Media
The evidence indicates that a prevalence of slavery in an economic system is a robust predictor of subpar economic growth and a creativity deficit.
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America's Wars Are Far More Costly than the Pentagon Admits

War and Foreign Policy

01/03/2022Mises Media
The true cost of America's wars—in lost productivity, resources, and opportunity cost—is far higher than even the official numbers of trillions spent on the Pentagon's many failures.
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