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The Fed Is Draining Our Economy Like Farmers Have Drained Their Aquifers

Big GovernmentEconomic PolicyThe FedU.S. Economy


America is draining its economy by federal debt in a way similar to how American farms and cities are emptying the nation's aquifers. We cannot sustain these losses much longer.

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The Problem with Joe Manchin's Centrism

DemocracyMajority RuleU.S. EconomyU.S. History


Sen. Joe Manchin says he is retiring because of legislative divisions that keep Congress from finding political “solutions” to the nation’s problems. In truth, Congress is more united than the people they supposedly represent.

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Is ExxonMobil's Acquisition of Pioneer Natural Resources a "Threat to Democracy"?

Economic PolicyFinancial MarketsMedia and CultureU.S. Economy


According to a Brown University professor, ExxonMobil threatens our democratic republic by purchasing another company. The totalitarian woke atmosphere in American higher education is the real threat.

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From the Invisible Hand to the Invisible Sleight-of-Hand

KeynesMedia and CultureMonetary PolicyU.S. Economy


Advocates of unbacked paper money claim that theirs is the “civilized” choice, as opposed to gold, or what Keynes called “that barbarous relic.” These inflationists, however, are the ones wrecking civilization as we have known it.

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The Federal Reserve is Running Losses. Does This Cost Anyone Anything?

The FedMonetary PolicyU.S. Economy


The Federal Reserve is losing money, according to its official books. Does that matter, or does the Fed operate outside the bounds of the laws of economics?

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The Interest Rate Shock Will Blow Up the Government’s Ponzi Game

Booms and BustsThe FedFinancial MarketsU.S. Economy


As the federal government continues its Ponzi scheme of issuing debt to pay for past debts, interest rates will increase to the point where this no longer is a tenable strategy—if it ever was.

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October's Sobering Jobs Report Adds to Mounting Bad Economic News

Money and BanksU.S. Economy


Data on employed persons, wages, and other measures point to trouble ahead in an economy already strained by growing bankruptcies, mounting debts, and disappearing savings. 

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Don't Fall for Biden's Latest Talking Point

Big GovernmentTaxes and SpendingU.S. EconomyWar and Foreign Policy


President Biden claims that spending money to send weapons and ammunition around the world is good for the US economy.

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Mounting Deficits Mark the US's Road to Ruin

Money and BanksU.S. Economy


For 2023, the United States will likely post the worst GDP growth—excluding debt increases—since 1929. In other words, the country is in a recession disguised by bloated deficit spending.

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The Specter of Hyperinflation Looms over the Economy

The FedInflationMonetary PolicyU.S. Economy


While the White House claims that inflation is losing steam, the truth is that unless the government changes its reckless monetary course, hyperinflation could be in our economic future.

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