Net Neutrality and the Problem with "Experts"

Calculation and KnowledgePrices

Blog1 hour ago
Supporters of net neutrality imagine that if we can only get the "right" group of people, a tiny handful of "experts" can govern the internet.

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Defending the Undefendable: The Slum Lord

Free MarketsFrom the Archives

Blog1 hour ago
Slum housing is a problem when the inhabitants live there of necessity — not wishing to remain there, but unable to afford anything better.

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The Non-Crime of "Lying to the FBI"

Blog4 hours ago
The object of creating bogus categories of crime, naturally, is to leverage power over adversaries; to scare them.

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The Fed's Fantasy on Neutral Interest Rates

The FedCapital and Interest Theory

Blog5 hours ago
The Fed is trying to establish a level of interest rate that corresponds to the conditions of the free market. Unfortunately, this is impossible.

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NFL's Problem is Poor Product, not Disrespect


Blog7 hours ago
One only has to follow the money to learn the real reason pro football ratings are down — competition from college football.

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Nations by Consent

Decentralization and SecessionStrategyPolitical Theory

12/09/2017The Journal of Libertarian Studies
If we deconstruct the modern nation-state, we shall reduce the scope of government power, the importance of voting and the extent of social conflict.

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Two Portraits from the American Civil War

U.S. History

Among Northerners who rallied for war, nationalism, and not abolitionism, was the dominant factor.

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The WTO: Useless for Trade, Useful for the State

Protectionism and Free Trade

The WTO’s end seems nearer now, but governments have a few reasons to keep it alive.

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