Environmental and Political Elites Are Destroying Food Production for "Climate" Goals


In pursuing CO2 reductions like Captain Ahab chased Moby Dick, Western elites are destroying much of the world's agriculture base.

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Thanks to Our Fall Campaign Donors

10/03/2022Mises Wire
Thanks to all of our generous donors who participated in our 2022 Fall Campaign. Your continued support is vital and much appreciated.

When Class Identity Overpowers Other Identities: Some Lessons from Slavery


While identity politics based on race and gender dominate the political landscape, we forget that class interests can be a powerful tool to bring people together for a cause.

Social Analysis of Three Early 19th Century French Liberals: Say, Comte, and Dunoyer

10/03/2022The Journal of Libertarian Studies

The thinking of Say, Comte, and Dunoyer cannot be examined in isolation, divorced from traditional liberal ideas and the intellectual currents of their day. Their class theories cannot be separated from what we might now consider the separate specializations of economics, history and political...

Debunking Fossil Fuel Hysteria: An Interview with Alex Epstein

10/01/2022The Austrian

Energy from fossil fuels, Epstein explains, is part of human civilization and our entire material existence. He shows how the growing movement to restrict or even ban the use of oil, natural gas, and coal is not only delusional but also profoundly antihuman.

An Ancient Warning: Criminal Trespass Is the State’s Essential Feature


The Bible the ancient Israelites were warned about the dangers of having a government that would tax them heavily and oppress them. They didn't listen.

To Limit the Reach of America's Stasi, the FBI, Vacate All FISA Rulings


The FBI operates as an agency whose players know they are untouchable in the current regime. Vacating FISA rulings is one way to fight back.

Radley Balko Fired

10/01/2022Power & Market

Radley Balko has been fired by the Washington Post, after nine years as an opinion columnist

The Economics of War

Daniel McAdams joins Jeff and Bob to discuss the economic and political ramifications of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline sabotage. 



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