Why the End of the Petrodollar Spells Trouble for the US Regime

Blog9 hours ago

By itself, the end of the petrodollar won't destroy the dollar. But it will continue a trend that weakens both the dollar and the US regime's power. 


The End of Monetary Hedonism

Blog10 hours ago

What happens to a society when spending is encouraged and saving is for chumps? 

Empty Malls and Shopping Centers: How Government Fuels Malinvestments


The empty shopping mall: a story of how government actions created a huge malinvestment in western Pennsylvania.

Fighting Inflation Really Means Fighting the Federal Reserve


These days, the Fed and Chairman Jerome Powell are claiming the title of "inflation fighters." The more appropriate moniker should be "inflationists."

How Fast Should the Money Supply Grow?


As Murray Rothbard wrote, inflation is not an increase in prices. It is, instead, an increase in the supply of money in circulation. The distinction is important.

How Should a Nation Determine Its Heroes?


How do societies determine who their heroes are? We know that often those seen as heroes actually made a country worse off.

Concentrate Where the Murders Are Concentrated


Progressives like to claim that "America" has a "gun violence problem." However, the "gun violence problem" happens to exist in places where progressives dominate the government.

Do Correlations Help Define Money?


Monetary authorities have come up with numerous clever ways of measuring money. However, they are unable even to define money, much less measure it.

Is Economics a Dead Discipline?

The economics discipline has devolved into statistics, models, and hard science envy. Is the profession doing any good, or active harm? Per Bylund joins Jeff and Bob to discuss.



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