Can State Power Cancel Economic Law?

As much as we may wish to substitute government edicts for markets, the fact is no amount of government control can overturn the realities of economic law.


Washington Still Won't Admit the Real Cause of Price Inflation


If a politician has no clue about what causes price inflation, she probably isn't going to have any idea about how to fix the problem.

Why Price Deflation Is Always Good News


A general decline in prices is good news for wealth generators, since deflation means the economy is cleaning out its bubble-fueled, wealth-destroying activities.

The Fed Has No Real Plan, and Will Likely Soon Chicken Out On Rate Hikes


Powell repeatedly emphasized that the Fed must remain flexible about monetary tightening. Translation: we don't know what's happening and we're likely to reverse course at any time.

Free Economy and Social Order

01/26/2022Mises Daily Articles

The market economy as a field of liberty, spontaneity, and free coordination cannot thrive in a social system that is the very opposite.

Will the Fed Pop the Everything Bubble?


The Federal Reserve is aware of the “bubble of everything” created in recent years and the elevated levels of debt throughout the economy. But any tightening is likely to trigger a recession.

James Madison's Failed Conquest of Canada

01/26/2022Mises Media

Following the Louisiana Purchase, the Madison administration sets its eyes on American expansion.

Why Jordan Peterson Quit Academia


Academia not only generated this cultural revolution but was the site first ravaged by it. Higher education is long gone, and Peterson’s retirement from it is somewhat anticlimactic.

The Fascist Threat

01/25/2022Mises Daily Articles

Fascism cartelizes the private sector and denies fundamental rights and liberties to individuals. This describes mainstream politics.



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