The Fallacy of Collectivism

05/14/2022Mises Daily Articles
In our time the most powerful theocratic parties are opposed to the world's great religions. Today's theocrats believe they alone can plan society and that are enlightened.

History and Institutions Matter: The Postslavery Development of Jamaica and Barbados


Why did Barbados postslavery develop a more robust economy than Jamaica even though the people had similar ethnic backgrounds?

The Russo-Ukrainian War: A New Opportunity for Demagogues to Destroy Freedoms at Home


While people speak of "freedom" for the people of Ukraine, Western political leaders have used the invasion as an excuse to crack down on free speech.

Baby Formula: Thank Protectionists and the FDA for the Shortage


With the shortage have come the usual half-baked bromides about "evil corporations" and how they aren't regulated enough. The real fault lies with welfare statists, Trump-style protectionists, and the FDA. 

Rothbard on the Court Intellectuals

05/13/2022Friday Philosophy

Look closely and you'll notice that elite professors, doctors, economists, and other intellectuals use their social standing to justify the state's policies and maintain its image.

Economic Freedom vs. Personal Freedom

05/13/2022Mises Media

Would you give up voting in exchange for no more taxes?

Defense Services on the Free Market

05/13/2022Mises Daily Articles

Of course some of the private defense agencies will become criminal. But in a stateless society there would be no regular, legalized channel for crime and aggression.

What Happens When Central Banks Attempt to Tighten? Even More Resource Misallocation


Popular economic wisdom says central banks can counter harmful effects of inflation by raising interest rates. Unfortunately, such moves carry their own forms of misallocation of resources and capital.

Let Them Eat Raytheon Stock

05/12/2022Mises Media

Ryan McMaken and Tho Bishop discuss recent inflation news, broader chaos in financial markets, and another round of funding for Ukraine.



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