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The Hardheaded Thought of Ludwig von Mises: Ever Attacked and Ever Triumphant

SocialismAustrian Economics OverviewPhilosophy and Methodology

Responding to an attack on Ludwig von Mises in the socialist publication Jacobin, Professor Wiśniewski corrects the errors and sets the record straight.

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The Perils of Higher Education: Institutional Failure



As we watch the once proud edifice of higher education in the USA crumble, we realize that we are looking at institutional failure itself.

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The French Must Rediscover the Taste for Individual Freedom: An Interview with Professor Pascal Salin



The French, who coined the term laissez-faire, have become people thoroughly captured by statism. Professor Salin shows another way for France to go.

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A Cliché of Socialism: Under Public Ownership, We the People Own it!

Free MarketsProperty RightsSocialism


Proponents of socialism claim that it promotes ownership "by the people." Yet the people that actually control resources and production are not the same people who allegedly are the "rightful owners" in society

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Government Malinvestment Is Endemic and Ceaușescu's Socialist Romania Excelled in It

SocialismThe Police State


The former Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceaușescu not only arrested and murdered political opponents but also misdirected vast sums of money toward socialist schemes that failed, leaving Romanians even worse off.

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Unscrambling Socialism from Our Economic Order: Wisdom from Leonard Read

Free MarketsSocialism


Leonard Read had much to say about how socialism already was entangled in our economic and social order.

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Socialism Is Not Groupthink, but Statethink: A Brief Comment on Jordan Peterson



Jordan Peterson has linked identity politics to socialism. Instead, socialism is about empowering the state.

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The "Stunning Success" of the Green Revolution Is Yet Another Progressive Myth

Economic PolicyProgressivismSocialismWorld History

An enduring progressive myth is that thanks to Western technologies and compassionate NGOs, American agricultural scientists saved the developing world via the Green Revolution. Not surprisingly, the truth is found elsewhere.

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Review: Free Market: The History of an Idea

Free MarketsProgressivismSocialism


Jacob Soll believes that a truly successful economy must embody at least some of the economic regulation developed by Jean-Baptiste Colbert, the French finance minister under Louis XIV.

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How Do We Define Socialism? By What It Does—and Does Not—Do



The reality of socialism is that it politicizes life entirely. How that is supposed to improve quality of life remains a mystery.

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