Protectionism and Free Trade

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Conservatives and the Free Trade Straw Man

Protectionism and Free Trade


Conservatism is allegedly grounded in a recognition of the natural limits of humanity. But when it comes to free trade, conservatives throw all that out the window. 

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Biden Has Embraced Trump's Protectionism

Protectionism and Free Trade


Tariffs and trade controls are little more than tax increases and a chance to further empower a bloated bureaucracy. Not surprisingly, Biden doesn't appear to be enthusiastic about embracing free trade.

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The 2021 Nobel Prize and the Trend of Economic Thinking

BiographiesCapitalismProtectionism and Free TradeTaxes and SpendingInterventionismOther Schools of Thought


The 2021 Nobel Prize in Economics has been awarded to Berkeley's David Card, MIT's Josh Angrist, and Stanford's Guido Imbens for their work on "natural experiments," a currently fashionable approach to estimating the causal impact of one economic variable on another. 

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Beer: A Short and Bitter History of Regulation

Bureaucracy and RegulationProtectionism and Free TradeWorld History


Some think that beer's history of regulation begins with hops, but beer has been hemmed in by government red tape for much longer.

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Why Is the French Government Running Off Foreign Investors?

Protectionism and Free Trade


Most people understand that it's a good thing when others invest money and capital in your community. But when Canadian investors offered to pour money into France as part of a deal to buy a French company, the regime said no thanks. 

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An Austrian Critique of Robert Mundell's "Impossible Trinity"

Protectionism and Free TradeMonetary TheoryOther Schools of Thought


The impossibility theorem, developed by Nobel-winning economist Robert Mundell, paints a false tradeoff between the free movement of capital, fixed exchange rates, and effective monetary policy. Under a gold standard, all three are a possibility.

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What the Shipping Container Shortage Reveals about US-China Trade

Protectionism and Free TradeU.S. Economy


In a normal world, American spending would have sharply declined during the past year. But a flood of newly printed money has juiced spending and imports. 

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The EU's Woes Are a Political Problem, Not an Economic One

Decentralization and SecessionGlobal EconomyProtectionism and Free Trade

The problem with the European Union is not that it seeks to integrate Europe's economies. The problem comes from attempts to integrate politics as well. 

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India's Farming Reform: A Lesson in Interest Group Politics

Cronyism and CorporatismPrice ControlsProtectionism and Free Trade


If Punjabi farmers had been portrayed as affluent, the media would view them as greedy entrepreneurs. But leveraging the political capital of perceived powerlessness has allowed them to obscure their true status as rent seekers. 

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The Drive for State and Federal Protective Tariffs in Early America

Protectionism and Free TradeTaxes and SpendingU.S. History


Every depression generates a clamor among many groups for special privileges at the expense of the rest of society—and the American depression that struck in 1784–85 was no exception.

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