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The State versus Entrepreneurs: Prosperity Always Loses

Bureaucracy and RegulationEconomic PolicyThe EntrepreneurEntrepreneurship


While governments claim to want the well-being of their citizens, they inevitably attack the real source of prosperity: entrepreneurship.

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Defending the Undefendable Investments

Economic FreedomThe EntrepreneurMedia and CultureProtectionism and Free Trade


In the spirit of Walter Block's classic Defending the Undefendable, Kevin Duffy looks at the "undefendable" investments and economic choices and finds them profitable.

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Is China Colonizing Jamaica?

Economic PolicyThe EntrepreneurLabor and WagesWorld History


Some Jamaicans complain that the Chinese are "colonizing" the country because of their economic success there. Actually, their success is due to entrepreneurship and plain hard work.

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The Original Oracle of Omaha: Howard Homan Buffett

The EntrepreneurProgressivismU.S. HistoryWar and Foreign Policy


Before there was Warren Buffett, known as much for his progressive politics as his acumen with money, there was his father, Howard Homan Buffett, a libertarian of the Old Right.

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AI Lacks the Entrepreneurial Intelligence to Plan an Economy

The EntrepreneurPlanningSocialismCalculation and Knowledge


Despite what many elites believe, AI can do many things, but it cannot successfully plan an economy. It lacks the intelligence of an entrepreneur.

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Hail the Speculators! They Take the Necessary Economic Risks in Our Economy

The EntrepreneurStrategyU.S. Economy


Speculators are reviled in the media and by politicians and academics. Yet the speculators are the ones taking risks to ensure the rest of us can have more economic certainty.

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It’s Raining Entrepreneurship at a Taylor Swift Concert

Economic FreedomThe EntrepreneurEntrepreneurship


While rain at an outdoor concert is a nuisance for most attendees, a few entrepreneurs saw not "pennies from heaven," but dollars.

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Technology Is Meaningless without Entrepreneurship

The EntrepreneurStrategyEntrepreneurship


While many believe that technology is key to a growing economy, technology is useless without entrepreneurship, which develops uses for technology.

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Individualism in the US Has Helped Make It an Economic Success

Economic FreedomThe EntrepreneurMedia and Culture


Individualism, while condemned in some cultures, has helped make this country economically successful. Will the influx of immigrants from cultures that devalue individualism reverse that success?

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The Bud Light Boycott and Clueless Corporate Executives

The EntrepreneurU.S. HistorySubjectivismValue and Exchange


Bud Light executives thought customers wanted the beer to partner with a "transgender" celebrity. Or executives simply didn't care what customers thought. In any case, executives are now paying the price. 

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