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Raushan Gross

Raushan Gross is an Associate Professor of Business Management at Pfeiffer University

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Aggregate "Excessive" Consumption Is Not a Problem

02/15/2021Power & Market
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What Consumers Say Is Not as Important as What They Do in the Marketplace

09/21/2020Power & Market
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Open Competition in the Marketplace as Consumer Protection

04/27/2020Power & Market
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Entrepreneurship Is the Foundation of a Productive Society

The EntrepreneurMedia and Culture


To spread the benefits of goods and services, we must first spread the mindset needed to take on the task of producing goods and services. That is, the mindset of entrepreneurship.

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What Is the Good Entrepreneur to Do?

The EntrepreneurValue and Exchange


Some anticapitalists have tried to claim "good" entrepreneurs don't make profit the primary goal. Yet, without profit, an entrepreneur cannot serve the people who depend on him or her for goods and services.

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