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Market Masculinity: The Bourgeois Ideal of Capitalist Manhood

Blog7 hours ago

The free-market classical liberal William Graham Sumner believed that to succeed in the modern world, men must embrace the bourgeois "industrial" virtues such as skill, frugality, prudence, and self-denial.

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Environmentalism and the Immoral Low Ground


While environmentalism seems to hold the moral high ground with US elites, in truth it is antihuman and economically and socially destructive.

US Trade Deficits Are Growing Larger. Or Are They?


US trade deficits seem to be expanding, placing pressure on the dollar. However, central banks around the world are just as irresponsible as the Fed, masking the relative devaluation of US money.

The Republicans' Fiscal Irresponsibility Act


The Republicans' "Fiscal Responsibility Act" allows the government to continue adding trillions of dollars of debt that will be monetized by the Federal Reserve.

Yet Another Month of Questionable Federal Jobs Data as 310,000 Fewer People Report Having Jobs


In 2023, self-employment has collapsed again with year-over-year self-employment growth dropping by 6.5 percent. That's the largest drop since December 2007, when the Great Recession officially began. 

Democracy and Laissez Faire: the New York State Constitution of 1846

06/05/2023The Journal of Libertarian Studies

In the 1840s, New York state was home to a powerful mixture of democracy, populism, and free markets. The result was lower taxes and a greatly weakened government. 

The Market Process Is Not a Knowledge Problem


While F.A. Hayek's famous 1945 essay effectively critiques the "perfect information" hypothesis, it is an inadequate explanation of the issue of economic calculation.

Rise of the Effete Authoritarians


Political leaders of the so-called liberal Western regimes are engaging in authoritarian tactics to quell legitimate dissent. But leftists who riot and burn get a free pass.

Energy Prices

06/03/2023Mises Media

Mark takes a look at all the wrong predictions of recessions in recent years.



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