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The Week in Review: October 1, 2016

Big GovernmentGlobal EconomyU.S. Economy

Blog12 hours ago

We take incredible pride in continuing our namesake’s legacy of uncompromising support for the ideas of Austrian economics, freedom, and peace.


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Hillary's Huge Estate-Tax Hike

Taxes and SpendingPolitical Theory

Blog12 hours ago

Estate taxes destroy businesses and undermine families while enriching the state. Not surprisingly, Hillary Clinton wants more of them.

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What Makes Mises.org Different

StrategyAustrian Economics Overview

Blog14 hours ago

Many people regard economics as a difficult and tedious business. Mises.org shows it does not have to be that way.

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"Thar's Gold in Them Mountains"

Money and BanksGold StandardMoney and Banking

Blog20 hours ago

It is no secret that secret Swiss bank accounts are not so secret anymore, as political elites worldwide wage an all-out war against financial privacy.

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The Path to Victory

StrategyPolitical Theory

Many of the conventional strategies favored by freedom activists often fail to produce results. Lew Rockwell suggests some alternative strategies.

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Jeff Deist: The Broken State of Modern Economics


Jeff Deist and John O'Donnell discuss what is really being taught in American Econ programs today, the college federal loan scam, and more.

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