Is Freedom the Highest Political Value?

0 sec agoFriday Philosophy
In his ambitious new book, Conservatism: A Rediscovery, the distinguished Israeli philosopher Yoram Hazony poses a sharp challenge to the view that freedom is the highest political value.
The Human Action Podcast

The Economics of Davos

1 hour agoMises Media
Jeff and Bob take a look at the misnamed "World Economic Forum" and its conference this past week in Davos.

Elon Musk versus the Woke Cartel

Blog3 hours ago

Because of Elon Musk's attempt to take over Twitter, Tesla has been removed the S&P's ESG Index, an action that exposes ESG for what it really is: a woke cartel.

Mergers, Acquisitions, and Market Manias: The Fed Has Made Things Worse

Blog11 hours ago

As the economy begins to slow, the results of the Fed's money pumping are showing up in mergers and acquisitions.

Police Botched the Uvalde Standoff. Now Gun Controllers Want to Give Police More Power.


Police stood around outside the Uvalde, Texas, school while a gunman shot children inside. Meanwhile, gun control advocates tell us we should just trust the cops to keep us safe. 

Peace through Strength? Excessive US Military Spending Encourages More War


American politicians claim that excessive military spending makes Americans "safe." The record shows otherwise.

Government Spending Is the Real Tax; Deficits Are a Sideshow


While politicians claiming to be "fiscally responsible" call for balanced budgets, the real drag on the economy is government spending itself.

Just How Common Are School Shootings?


Thirty-nine people were killed in school shootings in 2018 (one of the worst years). In the same period, 900 children drowned, and 1,800 were murdered via child abuse. 

Covid-19: Assessing the Madness in Year 3


By making covid a political virus, progressive politicians, cheered on by their media, applied political "solutions" that failed to protect the most vulnerable people.



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