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The Fed's Current Monetary Stance Will Lead to Stagflation, Not Deflation

Booms and BustsInflationUnemploymentBusiness Cycles


After following hyper-Keynesian policies for more than two decades, the Fed is about to create the conditions that Keynesians claimed were impossible: an inflationary recession.

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The Fed's Real Mandate

The FedInflationUnemployment


The standard line is that the Federal Reserve System has two mandates, keep unemployment low and create price stability. Mark Thornton notes that the real agenda is found elsewhere.

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The Fed Is Wrong to Make Policies Based upon the Phillips Curve

The FedInflationUnemployment


Adherents of the famous Phillips curve believe there is a permanent tradeoff between inflation and unemployment. This is mistaken.

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Does Reducing Unemployment through Government Spending Boost the Economy?

Booms and BustsKeynesUnemployment


The standard Keynesian play is to increase government spending in order to reduce unemployment and increase economic growth. Here's why it consistently fails.

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What Is Stagflation and What Causes It?

Central BanksInflationUnemployment


The specter of stagflation is with us again despite Keynesians' claims that a new bout of inflation will lower unemployment. What causes it?

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Massive State Economic Intervention Has Led to This Point

Economic PolicyInflationUnemploymentWar and Foreign Policy


Everything from huge Keynesian "stimulus" policies to the war in Ukraine is dovetailing in a bout of stagflation: the simultaneous growth of inflation and unemployment.

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Biden-in-Wonderland: A $15 Minimum Wage Will Not Increase Business Costs

InflationLabor and WagesUnemployment


In a recent speech, President Joe Biden blamed inflation on businesses raising prices and told them that they needed to lower their business costs -- but boost wages. You do the math.

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Delusion Reigns at the Eccles Building

The FedInflationUnemployment

While the Fed governors claim "all is well" and that inflation is "transitory," the bad news continues to pile up. Inflation will be with us for a long time.

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Understanding Minimum Wage Mandates: Empirical Studies Aren't Enough

Bureaucracy and RegulationLabor and WagesUnemployment


It is only through the increase in capital goods, i.e., through the enhancement and the expansion of the infrastructure, that labor can become more productive and earn a higher hourly wage. 

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