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Will a New BRICS Currency Change Anything? Maybe

Central BanksGlobal EconomyMonetary PolicyWar and Foreign Policy


As the US government debases the dollar, other nations take notice and possibilities increase that another currency based on sound principles might emerge.

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Governments Will Make You Poorer Again

Global Economy


Inflation at an annual rate of 5 percent is not a positive, and it is certainly not falling prices. Inflation is accumulative, and this means we are becoming poorer faster.

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2023: You Wanted Endless Stimulus, You Got Stagflation.

Global Economy


Unfortunately, when governments all over the world decided to “spend now and deal with the consequences later” in 2020, they also sowed the seeds of a 2008-style problem.

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Keynesian Policies Gave Us High Debt, Inflation, and Weak Growth

Global EconomyTaxes and Spending


The global economy is entering a recession because recent unprecedented government spending has zombified hugely indebted economies and has crowded out the private sector.

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The G7 Cap on Russian Oil Is a Subsidy to China

Global Economy


Beijing must be very happy. Thanks to the "price cap," the Asian giant will secure a long-term supply at al attractive price from Russia and sell refined products globally at higher margins.

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The Near Collapse of the UK Pension Sector Exposes Failures by Financial Regulators

Financial MarketsGlobal Economy


The woes of Britain's financial sector have been exacerbated by UK financial regulators' failures.

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Free Markets DO Work in Developing Countries

Free MarketsGlobal EconomyWorld History


The standard line from progressives is that free markets usually fail in developing countries. The economic numbers tell a much different story.

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Inflation in Pakistan: Follow the Money

Central BanksGlobal EconomyInflation


Pakistan, like so many other countries, is seeing inflation close to spiraling out of control. As for finding causes, monetary authorities should look in the mirror.

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The Dollar's Global Wake of Destruction

Fed WatchGlobal EconomyInflation


Even with near-record inflation, the US dollar still has gained strength relative to other currencies. This does not mean that the Fed has been acting responsibly.

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The Bank of England Made Liz Truss a Scapegoat

Central BanksGlobal EconomyMoney and Banking


The only lesson for the United Kingdom is to remember that if you follow Greece’s economic policies, you get Greek debt, unemployment, and growth.

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