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The Week in Review: November 14, 2015

  • The Week in Review: November 14, 2015

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11/14/2015Mises Institute

At our Dallas-Ft. Worth Mises Circle, we discussed the dangers of authoritarian PC culture and the infantilization of American universities. This past week, this issue was driven to the forefront of national conversation. Cheered on by their absurdly leftist professors, we have watched a movement sparked by claims of racial intolerance devolve into petulant demands for more free stuff and explicit attacks on free speech. If there is a silver lining, hopefully these campus demonstrations will awaken more people to the importance of eliminating the state from education altogether.

Dr. Thomas DiLorenzo joined Jeff Deist this week to discuss what is happening on American campuses today. DiLorenzo shares his experiences from behind enemy lines in leftist academia. Are Americans waking up to the decaying state of modern universities?

Tom DiLorenzo: PC on Campus

In case you missed any of them, here are this week’s featured Mises Daily articles and some of our most popular articles at Mises Wire:

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