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Prosperity Through Competition

Free MarketsMonopoly and Competition

In postwar Germany, one great statesman led the fight for freedom: Ludwig Erhard. He was deeply influenced by Wilhelm Röpke, and drew heavily on the case for free markets made by Ludwig von Mises.
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Protection or Free Trade

Big GovernmentFree Markets

Henry George endeavors to determine whether protection or free trade better accords with the interests of labor, and to bring to a common conclusion on this subject those who really desire to raise wages.
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Pseudo-Science and Historical Understanding

There exist in nature constant quantitative relationships. The same, however, is not true in the field of human action, especially economics.
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Psychiatry and Responsibility

Philosophy and MethodologySubjectivism

Implicit in a free society is the idea of personal responsibility on the part of its members. Exceptions, of course, have to be made for children, for the physically handicapped, the mentally deficient, and the insane. In general, however, the intellectual should encourage a maximum of self-...
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Psychology vs. Praxeology

Calculation and Knowledge

Mises’s exposition of economic science differed decisively from all modern authors in that it drew a sharp line between praxeology and psychology.
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Pursue the Cause of Liberty: A Farewell to Congress

Big GovernmentFree Markets

Dr. Paul sums up and presents with strong conviction the principles he has held fast to during his entire career.
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