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C.J. Maloney

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CJ Maloney lives and works in New York City. He blogs for Liberty & Power on the History News Network and the Daily Kos. His first book, Back to the Land: Arthurdale, FDR's New Deal, and the Costs of Economic Planning, is to be released by John Wiley and Sons in February 2011.

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Back to the Land

Big GovernmentU.S. EconomyU.S. HistoryPolitical Theory

Mao Zedong famously ordered population shifts from the city to the country in the name of some far-flung i deology. Lesser known is the fact that Eleanor Roosevelt did the same! Back to the Land by C.J. Maloney tell the entire pathetic and disgusting story in this micro-economic look at the...
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Life without the Fed: The Suffolk System

Free MarketsMoney and BanksU.S. History

01/05/2011Mises Daily Articles
For all the Fed's imposing grandeur, Ben Bernanke is running our third (albeit longest-running) try at a central bank. This country has lived without a central bank before and, if given the chance, could do so again.
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Mo' Money, Mo' Problems

Booms and BustsThe FedFinancial Markets

08/31/2010Mises Daily Articles
By whatever name you call it, this massive "pump priming" by the US monetary authorities will engender exactly the same results it always has: malinvestment, dollar debasement, and speculative mania.
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Booms and BustsGlobal EconomyGold StandardInterventionism

03/01/2010Mises Daily Articles
"The true villains were clearly the bankers themselves." – Mark Gilbert, Complicit
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Applied Value Investing, Austrian Style

Business CyclesHistory of the Austrian School of EconomicsMonetary TheoryMoney and Banking

01/04/2010Mises Daily Articles
Mr. Calandro not only strives to teach a method to avoid the delusion, but to attempt to profit from the resultant cleaning out when the bubble bursts.
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