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Butler Shaffer (1935–2019) was Professor Emeritus at Southwestern University School of Law. He is the author of In Restraint of Trade: The Business Campaign Against Competition, 1918–1938, Boundaries of Order: Private Property as a Social System, and The Wizards of Ozymandias: Reflections on the Decline and Fall.

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The Myth of the Constitution

Legal System

Claims about the Constitution's "limited" power sound reassuring — except to those who have read the Constitution or the cases decided under it.
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A Libertarian Critique of Intellectual Property

Legal SystemPrivate Property

06/11/2014Mises Media
Butler Shaffer's contribution to libertarian legal theory and an indispensable guide to a vital topic.
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In Defense of History

World HistoryCalculation and KnowledgePhilosophy and Methodology

01/30/2014Mises Media
Presented at the 2012 Mises Institute Supporters Summit. Recorded at Callaway Gardens, Georgia, on 26 October 2012. Includes an introduction by Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr., and the awarding of the 2012 Gary G. Schlarbaum Prize for Lifetime Defense of Liberty.
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A Libertarian Critique of Intellectual Property

Legal SystemPrivate Property

What is the status of intellectual property? Are patents and copyrights legitimate in a free society?
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How Intellectual Property Distorts Big Business, Science, and Creativity

Legal SystemEntrepreneurshipInterventionism

01/07/2014Mises Daily Articles
The state’s creation of patent and copyright interests doesn’t prevent innovations, but it does erect hurdles that discourage research. The “traditional enemies of innovation [are] inertia and vested interest,” factors contributed to by the government practice of giving inventors protection from...
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