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The Conquest of Poverty

Free MarketsInterventionism

Long before Charles Murray took on the topic, Henry Hazlitt wrote this outstanding book on poverty.
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The Costs of War: America's Pyrrhic Victories

U.S. HistoryWar and Foreign Policy

This book is one of the most significant ever written by Denson. It contains essays that have been turned into major movies and documentaries, and influenced politics in ways no one could have expected.
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The Counter-Revolution of Science

Other Schools of ThoughtPhilosophy and Methodology

The problem that Hayek deals with reaches to the core of how economists think about their discipline. There was once such a thing as the human sciences of which economics was part. The goal was to discover and elucidate the exact laws that govern the interaction of people with the material world.
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The Critics of Keynesian Economics

Capital and Interest TheoryFiscal Theory

Henry Hazlitt confronted the rise of Keynesianism in his day and put together an intellectual arsenal: the most brilliant economists of the time showing what is wrong with the system.
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The Cure for Poverty


The very miracles brought about in our age by the capitalist system have given rise to expectations that keep running ahead even of the accelerating progress, and so have led to an incredibly shortsighted impatience that threatens to destroy the very system that has made the expectations possible.
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The De Moneta of Nicholas Oresme and English Mint Documents

History of the Austrian School of EconomicsMoney and Banking

Nicole Oresme has been called the most brilliant scientist of the 14th century: mathematician, musicologist, physicist, philosopher, and economist. On top of that, he was a Bishop and a theologian. His writings of money bear much in common with Carl Menger. Oresme's treatise on money, De Moneta ,...
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The Decline of American Liberalism

Philosophy and MethodologyPolitical Theory

One of the most striking facts about American history is how in a country born in old-style liberalism, the meaning of liberalism would not only change but be completely upended: liberalism now means its opposite. In this massively important work of intellectual history, historian Arthur Ekirch...
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The Decline of the American Republic

Big GovernmentU.S. HistoryPolitical Theory

In 1955, John T. Flynn saw what few others journalist did: the welfare-warfare state conspired to bring down American liberty.
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The Development of Economic Doctrine: An Introductory Survey

Other Schools of Thought

This treatise alone is enough to establish what is sometimes disputed today: the Austrians were squarely in the mainstream of economic thought before the Keynesian revolution when fallacy triumphed over truth.
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The Development of Economics

World HistoryAustrian Economics OverviewOther Schools of Thought

Scott groups the topics to be studied around the development of the Classical Political Economy of England by considering first, the background of that development in the economic life and thought of the preceding period; second, the development of the Classical Political Economy itself; third, its...
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