War and Foreign Policy

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Invading Mexico in the Name of the Drug War Is a Really Bad Idea

The Police StateWar and Foreign Policy


Sen. Lindsey Graham recently called for US military intervention in Mexico to fight the drug cartels. Someone needs to remind him that Mexico is a sovereign country.

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How Australia and New Zealand Helped Provoke and Escalate the First World War

PoliticsWar and Foreign PolicyWorld History


Most Western historians claim that World War I came about because of aggression from Germany and Austria-Hungary. However, Great Britain and its ANZAC allies were not innocent bystanders.

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Low Rates of Military Enlistment May Portend Prosperity Ahead

AntipoliticsDemocracyEconomic PolicyWar and Foreign Policy


Low rates of military reenlistment in the USA are spun as a near crisis. Perhaps this situation should make us more optimistic about our future.

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Presidents Are Legally Immune for Their Most Dangerous Crimes

Legal SystemThe Police StateWar and Foreign Policy


Donald Trump legally pays hush money and prosecutors try to fashion a crime from it. However, if a president lies and thousands of people die, it is called foreign policy.

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The RESTRICT Act Launches a New War on Free Speech

Bureaucracy and RegulationDemocracyMedia and CultureWar and Foreign Policy


The bipartisan RESTRICT Act—marketed as a "Tik Tok ban"—is properly named because it will restrict freedom, empower the state, and expand government surveillance. 

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Why the Regime Needs the Dollar to Be the Global Reserve Currency

Money and BanksWar and Foreign Policy


Even a partial weakening of the dollar's global demand will limit the US regime's ability to throw its weight around internationally. Yet Washington is unwilling to do what's necessary to prevent it. 

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Is the Fed Trying to Bail Out the World? Sure Looks Like It

Central BanksThe FedFinancial MarketsMonetary PolicyMoney and BanksU.S. EconomyWar and Foreign Policy

Like the arsonist who then heroically fights the fire he set, the Fed is increasing its efforts to bail out banks both at home and abroad. This does not end well.

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Why Most of the World Isn't on Board with the NATO-Russia War

AntipoliticsWar and Foreign Policy


Many governments support continuing the Ukraine war, but ordinary people in Europe, America, and the developing world fear the war will bring economic disaster. 

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The Last Lie Government Will Ever Tell

DemocracyProgressivismWar and Foreign Policy


Western governments seem to relish a clash with Russia, despite the specter of nuclear war. If so, it will be a conflict built on government lies.

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Did Colonialism Impoverish Africa and Asia? Perhaps Not

War and Foreign PolicyWorld History


Decolonization is a popular academic and media buzzword. But is colonialism actually responsible for poverty in developing countries? This question deserves an honest answer.

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