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The Pigouvian Tax Is a Myth

Economic PolicyThe EnvironmentTaxes and Spending


Standard neoclassical economics texts claim a Pigouvian tax will lead to the "optimal" price and production of a good. But "optimality" is a myth.

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A Triple-Barreled Gun Is Destroying African Economies: Inflation, Government Debt, and Taxes

Bureaucracy and RegulationInflationPovertySocialismTaxes and Spending


African economies aren't being strangled by capitalism but by statism, which has imposed inflation, debt, and high taxes.

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California Scheming: The Progressive Leadership's New Plan to Impose High-Cost, Low-Quality Medical Care

Economic PolicySocialismTaxes and Spending


California's progressive political classes now have a scheme to impose a single-payer system for medical care. If imposed, it will be costly but also ineffective.

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The Fair Tax Is the Tax That Will Not Die

Economic PolicyTaxes and Spending


The Fair Tax is a supposed alternative to the income tax. But the name does not matter, since a tax is still a tax.

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Student Loans and Government Subsidies: Another Government "Benefit" Creates Financial Chaos

Big GovernmentTaxes and Spending


Since the Obama administration nationalized the student loan program, we have seen student debt metastasize. Unfortunately, the Biden administration looks to make things even worse.

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It Didn't Begin with FDR: Currency Devaluation in the Roman Empire

InflationTaxes and Spending

No matter the historical era, governments have excelled at one thing: debasing their own currency. Rome was no exception, as Roman government excesses required inflation—lots of inflation.

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Can Government Successfully Counter Recessions Through Expansionary Policies? Don't Count on It

Booms and BustsCentral BanksKeynesTaxes and SpendingBusiness CyclesInterventionism


Keynesian orthodoxy claims government can successfully counter recession through "expansionary" policies. To the contrary, these policies increase the danger to the economy.

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The Municipal Convention Center Racket Is Alive and Well

Taxes and Spending


In Las Vegas, the city's convention center authority has found new ways to blow money on shiny objects like Elon Musk's death-trap tunnels and NFL events.

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Germany's New Green Stimulus Plan Won't Save Their Economy

Taxes and Spending


Germany's government is pushing a new plan for massive spending on a "Climate Fund." This is justified with the usual Keynesian myths about the benefits of government spending.

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Why the Debt Ceiling Won't Limit Debt or Spending

Money and BanksTaxes and Spending


From its inception, the Fed's job has been to pay off the debt and cover excess expenditures with newly printed paper money.

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