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Biden Is Providing an Opportunity for a New "Outreach to the Deplorables"

Bureaucracy and RegulationLibertarianismMedia and CultureProgressivism


As the Biden administration doubles down in its determination to create a more progressive nation, it inadvertently is creating more opportunities to promote libertarian alternatives.

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Ezra Klein's Progressivism Cannot Build Anything Socially Useful

LiberalismProgressivismSocialismU.S. Economy


Ezra Klein of the New York Times despairs of government’s impotence in building vast projects from energy grids to high-speed railways. He believes granting government absolute power is the answer.

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Progressive Interventionism Is Ruining American Healthcare

Bureaucracy and RegulationCronyism and CorporatismHealthProgressivism


Sen. Elizabeth Warren is at it again: demanding government intervention in the nation's healthcare system to deal with problems caused by earlier government intervention.

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Bourne Again

Media and CultureProgressivismWar and Foreign Policy


David Gordon reviews Only a Voice, by George Scialabba, dealing with the author's comments on antiwar progressives Randolph Bourne and Dwight Macdonald.

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Individual Health Insurance Mandates Are Mandates, Not Taxes

Big GovernmentBureaucracy and RegulationProgressivismTaxes and Spending


When the Supreme Court ruled that Obamacare mandates really are taxes, it twisted logic into a pretzel. Forcing people to pay for health insurance is still a mandate.

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Is Migration a Tool of the Consumptive Class?

Cronyism and CorporatismEconomic PolicyMinarchyProgressivism


An unfortunate consequence of increased wealth is the growth of the parasitic consumptive class of political and cultural elites. Labor migrations often follow in the wake of damage that elites do.

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Canadian Digital Protectionism Gravely Threatens Free Speech

Bureaucracy and RegulationMedia and CultureProgressivismThe Police State


Under the guise of "modernizing" communications, the Canadian government is vastly expanding its power to regulate social media and threaten free speech.

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The Dangers of a "Cashless" Economy

Big GovernmentMonetary PolicyProgressivismU.S. Economy


While the ruling elites and the Federal Reserve try to sell digital money as “modern” and “convenient,” it poses threats to financial privacy and civil liberties.

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Is a Welfare State Consistent with Libertarianism?



David Gordon reviews Dan Moller's book Governing Least: A New England Libertarianism, in which the author examines the issue of a welfare state in a libertarian society.

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