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Egalitarianism as a Revolt against Safety

Legal SystemMedia and CultureProgressivism


Some residents of St. Louis, fed up with the nonprotection from the city's police, have hired private security to deal with the problem. The egalitarian Left, of course, doesn't like that.

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Paleoconservatives Need Better Critics

AnarchyEconomic FreedomMedia and CultureU.S. History


To seriously threaten the regime, one must attack it at its roots. This would require rejecting the modern civil rights legal regime, something modern Buckleyite conservatives and James Lindsay-style liberals are not interested in, and unites paleoconservatives and paleolibertarians.

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Cultural Change Is Necessary for Capital Development

CapitalismEconomic FreedomLiberalismMedia and CultureWorld History


In order for nations to have capital development and market-based economies, they must have a cultural framework that accepts these developments. Too many nations do not, and they languish in poverty as a result.

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The Major Cause of Mass Poverty in Sudan

Economic FreedomLegal SystemMedia and CultureSocialism


Sudan has neither the governmental nor social institutions that allow people to develop and build wealth. Instead, people get handouts from the West, which does nothing to reduce poverty.

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Is Social Justice the Progressive Equivalent of Rent-Seeking Behavior?

Big GovernmentMedia and CultureProgressivism


Rent seeking is a popular term used in economics to describe the behavior of firms trying to gain something from the government. Time to expand the definition.

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Demonizing Men with False Data on Sexual Abuse

LawMedia and CultureProgressivism


In today's progressive climate, sexual assault charges are easy to make and hard to refute, even when they are demonstrably false.

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David French Gets to Sit with the Cool Kids at the NYT Lunch Table

LawMedia and CulturePolitics


New York Times columnist David French likes to think of himself as an honest broker. In reality, his "Never Trump" mentality leads him to overlook government lawbreaking.

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You Can’t Depend on the State to Maintain Public Order

Legal SystemMedia and CultureProgressivism


Crime is increasing in American cities, but don't count on police to protect you. The Defund the Police movement has less to do with that than most people think.

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A Great Man Cannot Salvage a Bad Idea

Media and CultureSocialismWorld History


Einstein might have been one of history's most brilliant men, but even his great mind could not have made socialism work. Unfortunately, he wasn't smart enough to see that.

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How Capitalism Redefined Masculine Virtue

Media and CultureU.S. History


In the preindustrial world, aggression and physical domination were often labeled as "masculine" virtues because they were useful for survival. The rise of the cooperative market economy changed all that. 

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